Office Management System

OMS solutions

Time-Attendance defines productivity of any organization. This area is inherently human-oriented, complex and challenging to automate.

Productivity of any organization depends on its effectiveness of maintaining the Time Attendance. No two companies have identical attendance and leave policies. Various departments within an office differ in their timings due to roster duties, grace period and overtime calculations. Further, people working at different levels in a number of departments need different time attendance and access control flexibility. Defining, controlling and monitoring entries of each individual are necessary for effective assessment which directly affects individual’s KPI.

Considering the above facts, aamra presents EMS– Employee Management System, which is a customized, adaptive, scalable and function-rich Time-Attendance system. This is a time and attendance system that allows you to collect and organize your employee time data simply and accurately. 

Web Based Interface

OMS Attendance System is a web based system which can be accessible from anywhere in the world. Individual employee has username and password for his/her respective account. It allows the employees to easily access their records and view the hours worked, the time taken off from the grace period, the paid-vacation days left, schedules and other work related information online. Employees themselves need to monitor their own records of time and attendance systems because it helps them to practice punctuality and realize the importance of timely working. Moreover, the supervisors can easily check the employee’s attendance and work records by sitting anywhere just with the use of a web interface.

Key Features of OMS

  • Profile
  • Application
  • View
  • Approval
  • Leave Summary
  • Report
  • Inventory
  • Payroll
  • Feedback
  • Announcement
  • Emergency
  • Statistics
  • Links
  • Messenger

Benefits of OMS

  • Eliminate human error in employee time records
  • Timely and accurate information
  • Real-time reports available without man-hour expenditures
  • Records available right after finger punch
  • Historical reporting capability (Date and Yearly)
  • Web Interface that can be viewed from anywhere in the world
  • Adapt to existing HR policies
  • Policies can be set up to determine overtime, punch rounding and other restrictions
  • Provide Employees self motivation to maintain punctuality