Domain & Hosting

Business Email & Hosting Solution

Email and web site are two of the most important parts of your business - they define who you and your business are, and that definition is often the difference between success and failure. The solution by aamra solutions limited gives you the expertise, reliability, and support to effectively compete with larger organizations. Our set of features offers you "big company capabilities" in user and domain creation and customization, email collaboration, and the assurance that your communications are reliable and secure. Leverage your resources with a premium outsourced email solution that's priced to give you a real return on what may be your most important investment: communication.

Our solution offers state-of-the-art data security measures spanning physical monitoring, redundant, continuous and protected power infrastructure, as well as fire prevention, detection and suppression systems. The policies and practices used by Business Email and Hosting Solution help prevent sabotage, accidental loss and the resulting unnecessary downtime.

Business Email Features

  • Administrative Controls
  • POP3 Access
  • Web Based Email Access
  • Email Forwarding
  • Auto Respond-er
  • Personal Address Book
  • HTML & Text Compose
  • HTML & Text Signatures
  • Online Calendar
  • Easy Folder Management
  • Message Search
  • Spell Check


Business Benefits

  • Total Cost of Ownership is a fraction of an in-house Email Server Solution
  • Free up internal IT staff to work on core business
  • Improve email services with increased reliability, availability, scalability, and security
  • No email server downtime even if the Bangladesh Internet is down due to cable cut
  • No email server downtime due to frequent power outages or the resulting server crushes or virus attacks