Adengine Solutions

Reaching Bangladeshi audience online has been a real challenging job so far. Finally adengine has turned out to be the savior in this regard. It has introduced a well oiled machine to make a smooth pathway for the advertisers. Now, you can reach your intended audience online across our enriched, diverse network to reach the maximum possible audience with ultimate ease.

Adengine functions like an automated machine, a machine run by a fantastic and enthusiastic team. Our engineers have created an open architecture that combines a dizzying array of algorithms and terabytes of data to create an online bridging between advertisers and publishers. All these algorithms determine the particular combinations of ads, inventory and that will generate the best advertiser ROI and publisher yield in our exchange. Then, it finds and matches those combinations in a repetitive manner.

Adengine is a dedicated ad server that targets ads to the specific market segments. Our high-end product adengine directly deals with the resellers that have numerous advertisers who are interested to portray their ads. Our team works as a liaison between the advertisers and publishers who will publish such ads to their various popular news portals.

The adengine gives the ability to create, edit and manage advertising on the site including campaigns, tags and reports along with the ability to manage advertisers & publishers.

  • Create and manage ads, campaigns and tags
  • Variety of report types
  • Manage advertising
  • Optimize advertising effectiveness
  • Increases revenue through more targeted advertising

How ad-engine works?



Wi-Fi Login page branding

Target Consumer of Advertising- Club Members who spend considerable time using the Wi-Fi Connectivity of the Club that is provided by aamra.

Branding in Wi-Fi login page in Clubs is a tool of recognizing your clients well and hence exposing your brand to such target market. Suppose after a tight scheduled office hour, one of the members might visit the club that you chose to expose your advertisement to. During the time that he/she break away from the tight schedule of work, he/she can browse the internet which is the mean of the entertainment and also acts as the source of getting involved with the professional activities. Your particular club, which will expose your company’s ad, can be the source of fulfilling his requirements which makes him/her interested to stopover to the particular club. Now this is your target market. You make the person recognize your brand when he/she logs in to the Wi-Fi zone.

Once the club member is at the outlet, his/her laptop, handsets, net book, smart phones etc will search for Wi-Fi SSID of the particular club (For E.g. British High Commission Club). After the user opens his/her browser, the dashboard will appear containing your company’s advertisement. There are 2 advertising spaces where you can publicize your company to make the individual aware of the brand. The user will provide predefined username and password in the login details space of the particular page which contains your advertisement. The login details are set by British High Commission Club (or the respective club) Center Manager. This authentication ensures that only the club’s members are prevailing to this service, not any outsiders. Now the user reach to his/her destination on successful authentication, and shall be able to connect and use the internet. Here you can ensure that only the high profile client who is already the club’s members can expose to your brand, not any laymen who is not your target market.